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30th of April, 2016
Mr. Coat: Why Disney Should Make a Live-Action Kim Possible Movie

Mr. Coat explains why of all of Disney's animated properties, Kim Possible makes the most sense to turn into a live-action film franchise.

6th of May, 2016
AniMat's Reviews: Ratchet & Clank

...Or, as I like to call it, How to Piss Off A Ratchet & Clank Fan with a 10-Minute Review.

4th of May, 2016
Mr. Coat's Movie Reviews: Captain America: Civil War and Ratchet & Clank

This week, Mr. Coat reviews the first big movie of the summer season and Marvel's latest adventure Captain America: Civil War and the video game adaptation Ratchet & Clank.

3rd of May, 2016
Pan-Pizza: Clone High Review

Pan-Pizza gives Phil Lord and Christopher Miller's debut television series a shot, which was sadly cancelled too early.

30th of April, 2016
Cartoon Palooza: The Smurfs

The epic rivalry between the Cartoony Canuck and the Jolly Jabroni concludes with a review of Sony's take on the Smurfs!

29th of April, 2016
Some Jerk With A Camera: The Haunted Mansion Movie - Part 2

Some Jerk With A Camera, Count Jackula and The Horror Guru continue to slog through Disney's 2003 Haunted Mansion movie, starring Eddie Murphy back when that meant nothing!

22nd of April, 2016
Jaimetud: Silicon Valley Comic-Con

Jaimetud and Jonathan Murphy got to experience the first ever Silicon Valley Comic-Con! William Shatner, Stan Lee, Christopher Lloyd and hundreds of fanboys under one roof. Let's see what happens!

21st of April, 2016
Vaulting: CineVlog - The Jungle Book

Jon Favreau delivers his take on Disney's new Jungle Book adaptation (or is it a remake of the animated version? Anyway) and Morgan gives his thoughts on the movie that's already king of the box office.

1st of April, 2016
Hewy's Animated Movie Reviews: Strange Magic

This time around, Hewy takes a gander at George Lucas's disastrous attempt at a full-length animated musical fairy tale, Strange Magic!

1st of April, 2016
That Show: And now...

It's the Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom of internet videos.

31st of March, 2016
Mr. Coat: A Look Back at the Sonic the Hedgehog Cartoons

Mr. Coat revisits the animated series starring Sonic the Hedgehog from yesteryear and also provides his thoughts on his newest show Sonic Boom.

21st of March, 2016
Mr. Coat: The 5th Annual Mr. Coat Contributor Awards!

Celebrating the past year of worthy web-series, here are the 2016 Mr. Coat Contributor Awards, featuring special guests and montages commemorating the 5th year of this awards ceremony.

19th of February, 2016
The War of the Worlds: The Eve of the War

Here's something a little different, folks; an audiobook of The War of the Worlds read by Michael D. "VG Retro" Kimpton.

19th of February, 2016
Sonicguru: Sonic the Fighters

Is this obscure Sonic fighting game that bad? Or is the prejudice that strong against it? If so, why does Sonicguru still play it?

24th of January, 2016
Graphic Novel Picture Show: 300

Sybil shows how much smarter she is than you with a movie that's more clever than you think it is.

24th of December, 2015
South Jersey Sam: Christmas Carol (2006)

Out of all of the Christmas Carol adaptations, why did this have to suck? That's the question on South Jersey Sam's mind and you're about to find out...

13th of December, 2015
The Animated Heroine: On the Rack - A Fish Tale

It's a traditionally animated movie about kids turning into fish with a bad CG DVD cover and Alan Rickman...so it has to be good, right?

17th of August, 2015
DVD Shelf Foreign Flix: Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels

Foreign Flix Andy looks at the feature film debut of British director Guy Ritchie, whose signature chaotic filmmaking style is already very evident here in his first major directing effort.

19th of January, 2015
The DVD Shelf: Good Morning Vietnam

In paying tribute to the late, great Robin Williams, David Rose will focus on one of his favorite starring roles - the 1987 comedic war drama, Good Morning Vietnam.

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