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28th of February, 2015
Mr. Coat: Character Profile - Flo the Progressive Insurance Lady

Mr. Coat looks at some of the adventures in advertising taken by Flo the official spokeswoman for Progressive Insurance and why she's one of the best company mascots.

27th of February, 2015
Hewy's Animated Movie Reviews: Cats Don't Dance

To kick things off for season 8, Hewy reviews another underrated animated film from the 90s, which happens to take place in the Golden Age of Hollywood, and is a love letter to the big budget musicals of that era: Cats Don't Dance.

27th of February, 2015
Animation Lookback: The Best of Stop-Motion - Independent Films

It's time to move on to put the focus on the stop motion films themselves. We'll start this one off with the independent films by the decade.

27th of February, 2015
That Show: The Internet Video DANCE Party!

Ryan Hipp and the MagFest crew show when it's time to dance, dance, DANCE!

24th of February, 2015
Tud Sense: Seeking Help - Little Rascals Save the Day

Jaimetud answers a particularly distressing comment to the best of his ability and not to get everyone too down, follows it up with a look at some Direct-To-Video Little Rascals fare.

24th of February, 2015
Pan-Pizza: Jackie Chan Adventures Review

Pan-Pizza talks about his favorite Kids WB cartoon: Jackie Chan Adventures, which is an example of how to do a celebrity cartoon.

22nd of February, 2015
Cartoon Palooza: Akira

Now it's time for Joey to FINALLY look at an anime film. This time, it's the revered classic from the 1980s that arguably made anime popular in the west.

22nd of February, 2015
Mr. Coat: How I Would Make the Next Spider-Man Movie

With the recent announcement that Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios were collaborating on a new Spider-Man movie, Mr. Coat gives his thoughts on the direction they should take and the actors he would like to see in the roles.

19th of February, 2015
Graphic Novel Picture Show: Countdown to Secret Wars

Sybil explains why you shouldn't worry about Marvel's upcoming reboot and describes a world where everyone is Howard the Duck.

14th of February, 2015
Vaulting: CineVlog - Fifty Shades of Grey

Morgan saw the film that is becoming the talk of the town. But is it really as hard gripping and edgy as they say? Would you believe the audience he saw this with?

21st of January, 2015
Reel vs. Reel: The Best and Worst Animated Films of 2014

The Animated Heroine counts down her top 3 and bottom 3 best and worst animated films of the year.

19th of January, 2015
The DVD Shelf: Good Morning Vietnam

In paying tribute to the late, great Robin Williams, David Rose will focus on one of his favorite starring roles - the 1987 comedic war drama, Good Morning Vietnam.

26th of December, 2014
Some Jerk with a Camera: The Interview starring James Franko and Seth Rogann

The movie someone on the internet doesn't want you to see. WARNING: Contains Spoilers.

23rd of December, 2014
South Jersey Sam: Top 13 Christmas Songs

It's the Holiday season and South Jersey Sam is bringing in the yuletide cheer with these select Christmas songs.

12th of December, 2014
DVD Shelf Foreign Flix: Wu Xia (Dragon)

On this episode, our host reviews the 2011 Chinese martial arts action film, Wu Xia, known as Dragon in the United States, which is a very loose retelling of David Cronenberg's A History of Violence.

29th of November, 2014
Sonicguru: DLC Quest

What if DLC goes too far? What if we have to pay for basic game mechanics? Can't be any worse than Always-Online DRM, right?

28th of October, 2014
VG Retro: Castlevania

It has arrived; the long-awaited Halloween VGRetro episode. Watch as he does battle with Count Dracula in this iconic video game series.

20th of October, 2014
Animated Analysis: The Black Cauldron

Stephan, Nootrac and Some Jerk with a Camera get into shenanigans while reviewing Disney's The Black Cauldron! Is it good? Bad? Do you even care? Watch the video to find out!

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