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25th of February, 2017
Mr. Coat: The Best of Seth MacFarlane

Mr. Coat praises Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane's best qualities, especially his musical abilities and why he is one of today's best songwriters. Yes, really.

25th of February, 2017
Cartoon Palooza: Top Five Bugs Bunny Cartoons

Which cartoons from the Wascally Wabbit got the top spot on Joey's list?

24th of February, 2017
DVD Shelf Foreign Flix: Ip Man

This twentieth episode is the biggest one yet as Andy explores the legend of Ip Man, the renowned martial artist, grandmaster of Wing Chun, and most famously, Bruce Lee's first teacher.

23rd of February, 2017
Mr. Coat's Movie Reviews: Get Out and A United Kingdom

This week, Mr. Coat reviews Get Out, a horror film directed by Jordan Peele of Key & Peele fame and A United Kingdom, a true story about a famous interracial and inter-continental marriage.

22nd of February, 2017
Sonicguru: Top Seven Worst Things Sonic and Sega Have Done

Sega and Sonic Team have done some stupid things over the years, but here's what Sonicguru thinks are the worst.

21st of February, 2017
Pan-Pizza: Doogal Review

See what happens when the Weinstein Compay hires a bunch of celebrities to spout pop-culture references in a dub of a European animated film.

17th of February, 2017
The DVD Shelf Top Spots: Top 10 Batman Animated Movies

To celebrate the recent release of The Lego Batman Movie, David counts down his top ten favorite animated Batman films!

17th of February, 2017
AniMat's Reviews: The LEGO Batman Movie

Everything is awesome because everything in here is Batman, which means Batman is awesome!

15th of February, 2017
Cartoon Palooza: Un-Valentines Day - Winnie the Pooh

So it's the day after Valentines Day... So what? Let's watch a nice holiday special from an underrated show with great characters!

10th of February, 2017
Animation Lookback: The History of Space Jam & Looney Tunes: Back in Action

When the Looney Tunes come into the real world, chaos certainly ensues...both in the movies and during the making of them.

5th of February, 2017
Some Jerk With A Camera: ABC Retrospective Commentaries (Parts 5-8)

Some Jerk With A Camera and a bunch of special guests commentate on the concluding chapters of his ABC Retrospectives, detailing all of the behind-the-scenes bits and stuff.

1st of February, 2017
Some Jerk With A Camera: ABC Retrospective Commentaries (Parts 1-4)

Some Jerk With A Camera commentates on the first four episodes of his ABC Retrospectives, detailing all of the behind-the-scenes bits and stuff.

25th of December, 2016
South Jersey Sam: Top 7 Rifftrax Christmas Riffs

It's Christmas time and South Jersey Sam brings in a short list of holly-jolly humorous riffs from the great people at Rifftrax!

24th of December, 2016
Jaimetud: The Chris Van Allsburg Trilogy

Three videos from Jaimtud for Christmas? You better believe it! Jaimetud presents comparisons of three Chris Van Allsburg children's classics and their big-budget film adaptations.

22nd of December, 2016
Hewy's Animated Movie Reviews: Moana

To close out season 9, Hewy reviews the latest Disney animated film Moana. With Dwayne Johnson, does it hit with a splash in the line-up of other well made Disney features or sink Rock bottom?

24th of October, 2016

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